ASV, Horsens, Denmark

ASV competence clarifies, teaches and tutors adults and oung people with special needs.

The goal of ASV is that education must promote and enhance each student's skills in relation to organize, manage and take responsibility for their own lives and the lives - to give students personal, social and professional skills and focus on coping strategies:

ASV has numerous target groups:

  • People with learning disabilities and equivalent
  • People with mental illness
  • People with social / emotional difficulties
  • People with disabilities
  • People with acquired brain injury
  • Unemployed who have difficulty following the general education
  • Young people at risk of dropping out of secondary education
  • People with a poor educational background, no education and severe learning difficulties
  • People with severe reading and spelling problems rain
  • People with reading and writing difficulties

All citizens have the right to education and training as a prerequisite for development and actively participate in community life. Education and training can complement the treatment system and the social system.

Working with marginalised youth often involves moving out of your comfort zone as a social worker or social educator. Working with bodily exercises and activies has been an important part of the project, as marginalised youth, students, practitioners and academics have pushed their own boundaries in co-creative workshops. The shor film Developing professional personality shows some ot the exercises undertaken in the project.

See video Developing professional personality


ASV works with young people with cognitive and social difficulties. The following case study from ASV gives an example of the difficulties and strategies that are used when working with marginalized youth at ASV.

Special education for challenged youth at ASV, Horsens in Denmark (pdf)

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Jesper Kjær Jensen

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