Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Amsterdam Holland

Amsterdam is a diverse, cosmopolitan city, where people of no less than 175 different nationalities live and work alongside each other. Amsterdam University og Applied Sciences (HvA) perfectly reflects this eclectic diversity.

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam) is based in The Netherlands, in the city of Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a cosmopolitan city where 175 different nationalities live and work together and where the English language is largely spoken. The city is a hotbed of education and research in all conceivable areas: culture and society, trade, logistics, aviation, shipping, ICT, sports, healthcare, education and much more. At HvA we take full advantage of this wealth of opportunities in order to provide the best possible education and produce cutting-edge research.

The HvA trains the professionals of tomorrow. Practical orientated research is an important component of the educational programmes offered by our faculties. Our research always addresses a real-life world problem from the professional field, and we conduct the research in close collaboration with both academics and professionals working in the particular discipline.

The HvA consists of seven faculties. We have a total of 43,000 students and offer a total of 80 bachelor and master programmes. We have 250 partner institutes across 50 different countries and contribute to various educational projects such as curriculum development, research projects, student/professor exchanges and work placements within an international working field. This ensures that the education provided by HvA is truly internationally orientated. One off the research projects is:

Outreach Work and Innovation

A section of our society finds itself in a vulnerable position. Many of these citizens are not reached by the regular provision of help and services. The research group Outreach Work and Innovation investigates how these citizens can escape from their socially perturbing position and how they can become self-sufficient. The central question in the research is how outreach professionals can better make use of the capacities of citizens of concern and their social networks. How they can effectively support these citizens towards self-sufficiency. And how to deal with clustered problems, i.e. (usually) a combination of psycho-social, material and physical problems, often linked to psychiatric issues.

Reflections on Workshops (pdf)

Case Study

Case Study Amsterdam My Coach (pdf)

Contact person in the HIP project:

Simona Gaarthuis, Teacher and Researcher at HvA

E: s.a.m.gaarthuis@hva.nl
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